Crazy Beads Sealant 300ml

Obsessive Detail Paint Protection is designed to be super hydroponic and to repel water, bird droppings, road salts and keep your paint cleaner for longer. Apply in a cool shaded area with a microfibre applicator pad or cotton pad and apply in lines overlapping with each line. Depending on the temperature allow up to 15 minutes then buff off residue. (Warmer the weather, the less time will be needed to leave the product on your car) Tip: do a few panels at a time then buff off
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Crazy Beads Detail Spray 500ml (Korean Edition)

To use the product as a detail spray , simply spray over panel and wipe off with a clean dry microfibre cloth to remove dust , dirt and grime . Alternatively , for added protection simply spray onto a car and leave to haze for a few minutes then buff off to leave the car's protection boosted For best results use with Obsessive Details Crazy Beads Sealant

Premium Tyre Gel 500ml

Obsessive Detail Tyre Gel is a water based non silicone dressing for tyres, plus other interior and exterior plastics. This product is designed and manufactured to produce the maximum showroom shine! Simply apply using an applicator directly to your tyre, other plastics or vinyl. For best results leave to soak in, or wipe over with a dry cloth