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3pc Microfibre Cloth Set

Enhance the application and removal of detailing products like polishes, waxes and sealants. Using micofibre helps to reduce surface friction which in turn prevents paint marring and the appearance of swirl marks. For best results use after using a Wo-Wo Twin Layer Drying Towel. 3pc Set includes 3 Microfibre Cloths

3pc Microfibre Glass Cloth Set

Glass cloth is made with a specific weave for the best finish on glass surfaces. The Wo-Wo Glass Cloth will help to give a smear free finish when used with all type of glass cleaning products. Suitable for use on internal and external glass and with all types of glass cleaners, treatments, polishes and sealants. For best results use after using a Wo-Wo Twin Layer Drying Towel.

8pc Foam Applicator Pad Set

The Wo-Wo foam applicator pad has been designed to make product application an easy task within your detailing routine. After use, the sponge can be rinsed thoroughly in warm water, left to dry then it will be ready for next time. The Wo-Wo foam applicator is ideal for applying waxes, polishing and protectants.

Alloy Wheel Drying Towel

The Wo-Wo Alloy Wheel Drying Towel has been specifically designed so you no longer have to worry about dragging your bodywork towel on the floor. The cloth is small enough to use just on intricate parts without compromising the drying capabilities, ideal also for door shuts and bodywork recesses.

Clay Mitt with Microfibre back

The Wo-Wo Clay Mitt is used to remove contaminants from vehicle surfaces, cleanly and without the need to use specialist polishing equipment. The Wo-Wo Clay products can be used with a chosen clay lubricant or simply with clean water. We recommend that the clay and the surface are kept lubricated at all times when being used.

Lambs Wool Wash Mitt

A deep pile, high quality, Australian and New Zealand Lambs Wool Wash Mitt